Life Insurance Corporation of India is a state owned insurance group whose headquarter is located in Mumbai. It is one of the biggest insurance company in India as its asset value is 1,560,482 crore. This company was established on 1st September 1956 when the Indian government introduced the life insurance of India act. It is very much popular insurance company in India as this company has successful captured lots of customers’ trust by their Life insurance, health insurance, Investment management and mutual funds.

Why LIC is a Popular Choice?

Since the returns obtained by LIC are quite low but above all that LIC is the first preference of the customers. This network holds the largest number of customers and agencies in India. People are attracted towards the services provided by the company because: –

  • This company is world largest insurance company containing 23 Crore customers.
  • The company also has got large number of agencies containing 1.1 Million agents.
  • This company is 2nd biggest real estate owner after Indian railway.
  • LIC has builds a great sort of confidence with the investors while on the other hand the other companies fails to do this.
  • People feel that their investment is secure with the LIC.
  • It is said that the returns plans of LIC are quite bad but it occurs with all the other companies. So this does not affect the company popularity.


LIC is one of the biggest life insurance companies in our country. Many people blindly trust on this company. If you are willing to invest in LIC or any other company, you have to keep one thing in your mind that you need careful planning. The choice of your plan is also important when you are looking for any insurance company. For More info on LIC news visit: